Ideas for new hairstyle for Jinni?   Its still exists, and theres art with it,  but will it be in Blood Bound?    I am not sure…


wireframe ideasa

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Hiatus and the Return

Blood Bound was put on hiatus,  It had been going for 6 years   and  I was having problems.  This was a one man gig, and with things in my life  I was having problems making sure that Blood Bound was getting the attention it deserved,  and as such   the storys started to go in a downwards spiral (though I did love the one about the baker)    The arc that Blood Bound stopped during was “Committed”   this was to be a story about Jinni leaving  treatment,  and adjusting to life again, with the added changes of Christine and Sorrows getting married,  and the political situation of her girlfriend being made to take up the mantle of her missing Mother, with all the expectations thereof.

It was failing,  I was getting depressed with it,  so I took time away.   Sorry folks but there you have it.    It just didnt do it for me.  So I took time off,  concentrated on my relationship with my wife and boys,  started learning new skills, etc etc.

My wife and I now work together on the storyline for Blood Bound, and I am blessed to have her input,  and to share some of the burden.  So we took Commited,  removed it off the bloodboundcomic server   and started a new arc with a new story,  one that we both are working on together.    But in keeping with avoiding Jinni and Sassy inspired burnout   It will for the foreseeable future be a once a week thing.

TLDR: Bloodbound went bye bye for a while, now is back


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