Where all the black vampires at?!!?

OK that was a question sent to me as a joke by a friend.  But I have been asked why all the characters seem to be “white”.   I dont like racial politics any more than I like sexual  or orientation  politics.  As a rule I find politics to be distasteful and unworthy of  my attention .  But I feel that this may be one I have to address.

To start with, I am a New Zealander.  That is the country of my birth, and while I do not live there I am proud to be a Kiwi.   My background is a mixture of Maori and Scottish/English.  My skin colour is a pinkish creme colour, my hair is brown and curls  and my eyes are hazel.

Now that is out of the way lets get down to it.


The answer is simple.  It works.

What do I mean?  OK   Its purely a technical thing.  I find it easier to do contrast of shades  and to highlight features on faces  hands  bodies etc if it is white.   I have tried to have a darker skinned character (the catgirl assistant of Christine’s)  who was to be one of the “Main Three”  but working with that model was proving to difficult.  I couldn’t put the time needed to have that one lit and shaded  with the rest of the scene and maintain an output of comic at a speed I need.

So there you have it.  they are white cos its easier to work with light and shade when I have a clear contrast.

If you look at coloured pictures   you would also see that Christine is (what I am hoping is) creole.  I am still working on the accent.



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And I am not talking about DVD extras,  or special artwork for a comic etc, though I do love those too.  I mean Extras,  those nameless people who do small roles (or backgrounds).

I love extras cos  well they are easy.   I have an extra in my runtime called “Reporter”   cos that was her first role.  A wardrobe change,  a new hair   a tweek of a butt  and she was a background figure,  a gungho ILE officer, a friendzoning human,  and now a nurse.  Yep  and she is still in the runtime as “Reporter”


Makes life so easy

I love extras…

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