NSFW meets BloodBound

BloodBound is generally considered to be Not Safe For Work ™. I get that, but there are things I cant do or wont do on BloodBound that I will do elsewhere.  Some of those reasons are simple.  There are things I agree not to do or have portrayed as part of my agreement with my service provider.  Others are things that I do not feel are needed for the storyline. However there is NSFW BloodBound out there!  Some are fan arts with very very explicit subjet matter (yummmy)  and well  There is Tumblr. Oh yes Tumblr  I love it.

SO without further ado,  Jinni and Sassy answer your questions…..  in a way never to be seen on the BloodBound comic.  Expect……. Demonicly Vamparic Goodness



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Reject Pile

Coming up with new stories for Blood Bound can be very challenging for me,  I don’t want to copy other story-lines to much, (Its unavoidable that there will be some)  I don’t want to repeat old arcs,  and I don’t want to alienate my fans.

Sometimes its an entire arc that gets written then thrown away, others its an element of a story that I remove.

The second one I can give a pretty good example.   Early storyline had Sorrows enter a house with a special enforcement unit to remove some witnesses to Sassy.  Her orders were to kill the entire household.   In the house was a child.  Can you see my the dilemma?  I went out to get help with this,  cos I was not sure what to do. After all some of my fans are parents,  and having a child killed in cold blood like that may have bad reactions for them.  (I have step sons now so I can relate)  But also there is the fact that humans are seen as livestock for the inhumans.   So  in the end, after talking with fans,  the girl survived, and Sorrows even made sure the human cops were called.    Oh and that also gave me an opening for a story later on, where I could have Christine take over the local ILE branch   and Anubis can  uh… Die…

There have been a few other little things like that, but that is the most blatent one.    As for totally rejected stories?   welllllllll…….

A civil war between the Incubi and the Succubi (the incubi being the subjugated species)  The problem was not so much the war it self  but the conclusion.  Any way I finish it     it wasnt going to be good.  The Incubi win,  I am a male supremacist.  The Succubi win, I am overly politically correct.  Neither side win, I am ball-less.   So while it would have been an interesting look into the incubi succubi culture, it was a no win story for me as a storyteller.

Another failed story  again was a succubi story,  where in an attempt to “Fix” Sassy from her interspecies love,  her mother organised a “Corrective rape”   This story would have been hard for me to do,  and I feel hard for people to read.  It would have been an interesting incite to the xenophobia of the cubis  but I think having mother organise the rape of her daughter may have been to much for my readers,  and to much for me to make realistic or indeed plausible (Thats not to say that that doesn’t happen in real life, yes  it does happen)  So that story was also placed in the  Too hot to touch pile *I am such a coward*

I do have a succubi storyline thats on the back burner (not decided if to go ahead with it or not) about  the trials.  A succubi does not have right to life untill they pass (survive) trials.   Survival  Endurance  and Combat.  I do like it,  but dont know if I can do it justice without it looking like a fap story.    Sorry Girls and Guys wanting to see naked Succubi Fights to the death….. I just cant make up my mind.

Wow  all those examples are Cubi storys!  What about other storys?   any of them rejected?    Well  yeah of course,  one Anubis story that was going to be done was his  relationship with the DreamWalker. *remember her?*  and why it is became so sour.    I was going to turn William and Samual into lovers, but  decided to keep them asexual. In fact having them asexual was a choice I made because my own thoughts on long term celibacy makes people go nasty.

One story that hasnt been done yet.. is the story of our favorite Vampire Preacher.  Malachi.  The girls love him,  and it is time perhaps for me to look at his life.

Well I have rambled and this little post has little coherance  so I will publish this and let you get on with your lives.

Oh and have a picture….

Fighting succubi


(Do you really want this sort of thing in BloodBound?)

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